Q4: 60 Million Samsung Mobile Phone Shipments Expected

by Mike on November 24, 2012

Q4: 60 Million Samsung Mobile Phone Shipments Expected

Investors are always looking at the bottom line to gauge the health of a company and a new report paints a positive picture for the Korean phone maker, Samsung Electronics. The report, which was published by the Yonhap News Agency and cites the analysis that was performed by the investment bank UBS shows that Samsung has the potential of seeing 60 million smartphones being shipped during the fourth quarter.

UBS was able to come to this figure by looking at the strengths of the company’s flagship Android phone, the Galaxy S3 and their Galaxy Note 2. If this estimate for the period ending December 2012 is correct, it would mean that quarter over quarter, Samsung saw shipments increase by approximately 5 million. In addition, depending upon the actual sales figures and the sell through rate, Q4 shipments could go up by another 3 million to 63 million. We all know of the popularity of the Galaxy S3, but UBS analyst Nicolas Gaudios states that the Galaxy Note 2 will play an integral role for the company. In the first five weeks that the device was on sale, Samsung had 3 million devices sold and the Q4 projection calls for 7 million sales which is now above the original estimate of 5 million. All of this should allow Samsung to extend their 2013 mobile phone market share to 37%.


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