Price Matching For iPad Air Begins

by Mike on November 1, 2013


It didn’t really take all that long before we saw companies begin to aggressively price their iPad Air inventory in an attempt to generate sales. This time around, it’s not just Apple that is offering up the sale of their newest tablet, but rather, the device is available at select locations, both instore and online.

So far, the iPad Air will join Apple’s other tablets for sale such as the iPad mini and the soon to be available Retina display iPad mini. If you check out the Apple store, you’ll find that the iPad Air will have a starting price of $499 but since the device is available at other locations as well, a little bit of digging does reveal that you can also buy the device at other locations at a small discount.

Take for instance Walmart, their price for the new device is $479, no negotiating needed. Apparently, both Apple and Best Buy will match Walmart’s price, but you will need to speak with a sales representative and ask that they price match with Walmart. According to 9to5Mac, there is one retailer, namely RadioShack, who will not price match but to try and entice customers through the door, they will be having a sale on their iPad mini which will now sell for $299.


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