Pong iPhone Case Offers Radiation Protection

by Elaine on September 18, 2009

pong iphone case

Medical journals haven’t been unanimous on this, but most studies show that extended exposure to cell phone radiation can cause cancer, especially primary brain tumors as the handset rests against the head.

To reduce the risk, it is recommended to reduce cell phone usage, which for some is impossible, especially if you are part of a mobile sales force. If you happen to use an Apple iPhone, a mobile phone with a very high SAR value, there is now another alternative in the form of a Pong iPhone case.

The Pong cases look like an ordinary phone case with one significant difference in that it reduces radiation exposure by 60% and hotspot radiation by 85%. FCC-certified, the Pong case works by deflecting microwave radiation away from your head without affecting signal strength.

Available in black or green, the iPhone case retails for $59.95 and the company is expected to announce the availability of a Blackberry Curve case shortly.


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