pod2g: 14 Million iOS 6.x Devices Use Cydia

by Mike on March 2, 2013

pod2g: 14 Million iOS 6.x Devices Use Cydia

Jailbreaking a device has become huge and when a new iOS version is released, you can bet that the community will go to work to see who can develop the first jailbreak. The first jailbreaks are often tethered and these are then followed by untethered jailbreaks.

A prominent iOS security researcher who runs the Twitter account pod2g has taken to the social networking site to share some statistics regarding iOS. Through his sources, it has been determined that there are now 14,051,500 separate devices that are now using Cydia on iOS 6.x and when you take into consideration all versions of iOS, that number goes up to 23 million unique devices.

By itself, these numbers are something that can’t be ignored, but when you look at them in relation to the entire pool of iOS devices, we see that Apple has sold 500 million units. As such, that means that just 5% of the user base is jailbreaking their devices. While this may represent just a small fraction of Apple users, it isn’t something that the Cupertino company should or can ignore. When the iOS 6 jailbreak became available, 270,000 users downloaded it on the first day. What this shows is that there are many Apple users that want more flexibility with their iOS devices and these users are willing to go outside of Apple’s boundaries in order to get them.


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