Plasma Knife Tested By US Military

by Mike on October 20, 2009

Plasma Knife US Military

The US military is testing what is being called a plasma knife. The surgical instrument consists of a blade of heated ionized gas that has the ability to slice through human flesh. The blade would be employed in surgical units located behind enemy lines where medical help may not be readily available.

With the aid of the knife, a medical doctor would have the ability to cut through damaged flesh, cauterizing the wound to prevent blood loss as well serious infections from setting in. By doing so, a patients vital signs could be stabilized so that they can be moved to a medical unit in a safer zone.

If you’re looking at this surgical knife and thinking Star Wars, you’re probably right, after all, there was that scene where Luke’s severed arm was cauterized with a light saber.

For now, this new technology is being used for healing purposes only, but there has always been talk about laser weapons so it’s not a far stretch of the imagination to think that this technology may be used for other purposes some time in the future.

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