Planon Credit Card Sized Hand Scanner

by Mike on January 17, 2011

Part of good money management is tracking your expenses and even keeping receipts of all of your expenses. The problem is that sometimes, it can be a challenge to keep track of all of your receipts because they are so easy to misplace, tear or just simply crumple up when placed within your pocket after a purchase.

Planon hopes to make it a bit easier for folks to handle receipts with the release of their new credit card sized scanner called the SlimScan SS100. This is a high resolution color scanner that has been specifically made to scan receipts. The device was showcased earlier this month at CES 2011 and its purchase comes with a Windows program called PaperPort SE which allows users to organize their receipts and expenses once they have been transferred onto your home computer.

The SS100 has a stainless steel body and there is also a color LCD display screen that will show the scan that is in progress and once the receipts have been uploaded to the PC, the PaperPort software will allow you to categorize expenses by the type of payment, date of expense, location as well as setup expense categories.

Aside from scanning receipts, the company has indicated that the SS100 could also be used for scanning warranties, business cards or even price labels if you want to compare prices.

You can buy this credit card scanner through the Planon website where pre-orders are being accepted for $119.99.

Via: GizMag, Geeks Room

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