Philips 21:9 3D Cinema TV Set

by Mike on September 3, 2010

More news coming out of the IFA tradeshow in Berlin and this time it’s by Philips Electronics who has announced their 3D screen that should please those looking to invest a few dollars in a new TV for their home theater setup. Their new adds full 3D technology to their 21:9 Cinema display.

In addition to this feature, the Cinema display comes with a couple of other enhancements including the use of a direct lit LED screen that supports 400 Hz picture processing. Additionally, Philips has continued to use their rather unusual Ambilight technology, a proprietary system that makes the wall behind the TV light up. This 58-inch extra wide widescreen display also has network connectivity, allowing you to surf eBay during commercial breaks and if you have a poor attention span, you can actually use Net TV in a dual screen mode so that you can watch and browse at the same time.

Via: TechChee, HardwareSphere, Gizmodo

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  • PeterHerz

    Looks very nice, have been waiting for 12 months for this 2. generation 21:9. Money in the bank ready to buy.

    But it seems Philips blew it this year, the front screen is reflective, even the specs on their web site states non-reflective. Also the 8000 states non-reflective, even its very reflective.

    How can Philips expect us to pay 4.000 euro for a TV set which can only be used in dark rooms – lamps, candle lights etc will mirror in the picture, not to mention TV viewing during day time on a enormeous 58″ reflective screen – what a dump !

    Further it dosnt support full internet – why may we ask – TV seen on internet is hot now – what a dump of 4.000 euro.

    I suppose we now have to wait another year till a 21:9 with proper specs and features will be available – hopefully from Sony or other manufacturer with better menues and software. I could live with bad menues and software – but adding reflective screen and no internet support for movies its just too many problems for 4.000 euro

    The positive to say is – if the specs are reliable – that it includes HD DVB-T, DVB-C and DVB-S tuners.