Pegatron Displays 10-inch Ubuntu Smartbook

by Zack on November 23, 2009

Pegatron Smartbook

Sharp-eyed attendees at last Friday’s Connected Community Technical Symposium in Taipei spotted a new 10-inch smartbook by Pegatron. The Linux Ubuntu-based device was quite unexpected, since Pegatron head honcho Chou Biao Sheng indicated just a day earlier that Pegatron was going to release a $200-down smartbook early next year.

The smartbook’s features are pretty interesting — it’s always on, offering the on-demand usability of a mobile phone. It boots up fairly quickly and uses little power, and has a user interface that’s easy to adapt to. All this for a low price, too — advantages that Chou believes will net Pegatron a fair-sized portion of the smartbook market.

Details are rather scant at this point, but if you’re looking for a smartbook with basic functionality but good performance, do yourself a favor and see if any item on Pegatron’s lineup strikes your fancy.


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