Palm Pixi Phone Launching For The Holidays

by Angela on September 9, 2009

Palm Pixi Smartphone

Palm is launching a second web OS phone which is smaller and cheaper than the Palm Pre. Palm Pixi is 100 grams lighter than the Pre and has a smaller touch screen. The Pixi features a 2 megapixel camera, a GPS receiver, 8 GB memory and a new Facebook application. This slimmed down version does not have Wi-Fi connectivity which was available in the Pre and it has an exposed QWERTY keyboard versus a slide out keyboard.

The Pixi will be available through the Sprint network in the US for the Christmas holidays, with pricing to be announced closer to the release date. For those interested in expressing themselves, numbered, limited edition designer back covers will also be available for the consumers to purchase. Each back cover will feature the work of a specific artist.


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