Oprah Loves Microsoft Surface But Tweets Using Her iPad

by Mike on November 19, 2012

Oprah Loves Microsoft Surface But Tweets Using Her iPad

We all know the star power that Oprah Winfrey holds. An endorsement from Oprah can hold significant weight amongst her loyal followers. You only have to look at her book club and the success that novels have had once they received Oprah’s recommendation.

Yesterday, Oprah took to her Twitter account to profess her love for Microsoft’s new tablet, the Surface tablet. In her tweet, she stated that she “loved” these devices and that she ended up buying 12 of them, which she will use as Christmas gifts this year. If you’re Microsoft and you see this kind of tweet, you have to love it. The only problem however is that Oprah used her iPad to post the tweet. With many of these celebrity twitter accounts, we know that it is not always the celebrity themselves that post the messages and sometimes, they can have someone from their management team post on their behalf. Was that the case in this situation is anyones guess. What we do know is that this message was sent to Oprah’s 14.8 million followers and unfortunately, this is not the type of press that Microsoft would like. You might remember that this is not the first time that Oprah has shown her love for Surface as she recently placed the tablet on her “Favorite Things 2012″ list.


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