Nvidia Fermi With Life Like 3D Rendering

by Mike on October 30, 2009

nvidia fermi

A leak published on the Chinese forum PCzilla references the significant advances that NVIDIA has made with 3D graphics. Their new graphical processor known as Fermi (GeForce GT300) will add a whole new level of virtual reality to 3D rendered faces, adding such minute details as natural looking facial hair and skin glare.

Nvidia Fermi

The fastest model of GeForce 300 will contain as many 512 cores to bring this level of visual detail to the desktop computer. There will also be a notebook version of the Fermi processor (GTS 360 M) that will make it’s way into high performance units with an expectation that other chipsets will follow shortly.

Nvidia graphics

It’s very possible that these new graphics cards will see the light of day by the end of the year which could result in a slew of new 3D computer games.

Via1, Via2

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