Nokia X6 16GB Version To Be Released This Year

by Zack on January 28, 2010

Nokia X6 16GB Version To Be Released This Year

The Nokia X6, with its 32GB capacity, has been around for a while, and has enjoyed a fair amount of popularity amongst smartphone users. But Nokia apparently realized they were missing out on a critical piece of the market, and has recently made the announcement that a 16GB X6 handset was in the works.

The 16GB version will come in four color schemes (not three as previously speculated), and won’t be bundled with the Comes With Music download service. But on the upside, the 16GB X6 will still have a 5-MP camera with dual LED flash and a Carl Zeiss lens. Users can edit their videos on the phone itself, which also has a dedicated output for watching videos on TV.

Similar to the 32GB version, the X6 16GB will include Ovi Maps support for pedestrians and drivers and Lonely Planet and Michelin guides access. Users will also enjoy preloaded video games such as Spore, DJ Mix Tour, and Asphalt4.

Nokia has announced that the X6 16GB will start shipping in winter this year, all over the world. Still no word on the pricing, although we’re sure it’ll be easier to reach than the 32GB model.

Via: Electronista

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