Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Is In The Works

by Mike on February 4, 2013

Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Is In The Works

Nokia has had a strong partnership with Microsoft with the Finnish phone maker coming out with a number of handsets that run on the Windows Mobile platform. To date however, Nokia has not released a Windows tablet, though the rumors about such a tablet have been around since last year. Each time we thought such a product was on the horizon, Nokia essentially pulled the rug out and the device never came to fruition.

It’s a new year and once again, the idea of a Nokia Windows tablet have come to the forefront. This time around, it is Nokia’s Chief Executive Officer Stephen Elop who is pushing the idea forward. According to his statement to the Australian Financial Review, Elop stated that the company has not released a tablet yet, but it is a device that they are looking at “closely.” In fact, Nokia is studying Microsoft’s own success (or failure) with their Surface tablet and based upon this review, Nokia will then decide just what sort of device to develop and at what point to release it to the public. Recently, The Verge had come across information that indicated that a Nokia Windows RT tablet was in development and that this device would launch early this year. This device is said to have a 10-inch display screen.


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