No FCC Certification Delays Notion Ink Tablet

by Mike on January 11, 2011

If you’ve placed your pre-order for the Notion Ink tablet and were looking forward to having the Adam tablet in your possession, it appears that you may have a small wait on your hands. A number of customers that have placed orders have received an email advising them of the impending delay.

According to Notion Ink, the cause of the delay is the Federal Communications Committee who is currently experiencing a backlog of work from December resulting in Notion Ink not receiving the necessary CE and FCC numbers that have to be printed on the tablet before they can be sent out. It is believed that this backlog of administrative work will be cleared up by the end of this week.

A lot of people have had a chance to see the Notion Ink tablet at CES last week, but at the same time, these same people also had an opportunity to see many new tablets like the Motorola XOOM. It is in Notion Inks best interest to keep the momentum going but hopefully the FCC will be able to accommodate them with this endeavor.

Via: Android Police

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