Nintendo Wii U Supports Netflix Regardless Of Reports

by Mike on November 18, 2012

Nintendo Wii U Supports Netflix Regardless Of Reports

With the launch of Nintendo’s next generation game console, the Nintendo Wii U, there has been some confusion regarding just what streaming services were available. Originally, it was believed that Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, YouTube and Hulu Plus were all unavailable and that it was very unlikely that any of these services would go live in the next few weeks.

Well, it appears that this original report was incorrect with Netflix having gone on the record to confirm that there service is live and fully functional from the first day that the Wii U launched. According to Chris Jaffe, Netflix’s Director of Product Innovation, Nextflix customers only need to sign into the service to obtain complete access and the service is accessible from the home screen of the console. Jaffe went on to say that Netflix on the Wii U is now live both within Canada as well as in the United States.

The launch of the Wii U was met with the usual long lines that we have come to expect with flagship product launches. With the Nintendo console launch, we saw lineups outside of Nintendo’s Manhattan store as customers waited patiently for the midnight sale for a chance to be amongst the first to buy both the console and the GamePad.


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