Nexus 4 Ad Touting Google Now Airs During Grammys

by Mike on February 11, 2013

Nexus 4 Ad Touting Google Now Airs During Grammys

Samsung and BlackBerry spent a small fortune for ad time during the Super Bowl to showcase their new handsets and yesterday during the 2013 Grammys, it was Google’s turns to highlight the features of their Nexus 4. It was during this event, that Google took out a one minute ad which was dedicated to the Nexus 4, the Jelly Bean running handset that comes with Google Now.

Google Now first launched in May of 2012 when company executives showed the service off at the May 2012 Google I/O conference. Since its launch, analysts have been quick to sing its praises as a personal assistant and this was the message that Google was trying show off in their ad spot which you can see below.

As part of their ad, Google Now is seen providing weather information, flight statuses, details about upcoming meetings, translation services as well as transit information. Google Now has been the search engines response to Apple’s perhaps better known voice attendant known as Siri which made her debut in 2011. However, Siri has had some challenges of its own such as the inability to understand some accents or even understand some basic requests. So far, we haven’t seen Google aggressively advertise Google Now and the Nexus 4 and part of the reason may have been the issues on the supply side. Now that this challenge appears to have been resolved, we may be seeing the start of a more aggressive ad campaign for the Nexus 4.


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