Next Generation iPhone Being Tested Internally

by Mike on April 9, 2012

New Apple iPhone Testing

Apple tends to maintain a regular iDevice lifecyles for their products and with a major update to their tablet lineup now done and over with, it’s time for Apple to turn their attention to another best seller and that is the iPhone.

It should come as no suprise that this device is due for an update and that the company has begun testing a prototype internally. Currently, the prototype iPhone is being housed in an iPhone 4 shell though the inards are that of the new device. The reason behind this cloak and dagger are for one simple purpose and that is to throw newshounds off the trail as to what is going on with the company. As we know, journalists are always trying to get the scoop on a new product launch and an iPhone leak would certainly be considered big news, one that would not serve Apple’s interests.

In terms of what we can expect in the new iPhone, it is hard to say at this time simply because it is so early in the game. Currently, the smartphone is said to be testing a variant of the A5X processor known as the S5L8945X. The A5X was first seen in the new iPad that the company launched and the purpose for this processor was to drive the CPU intensive Retina Display. It’s hard to say whether such a processor would be necessary within the iPhone, but it is something that is being tested. Along with the processor, the iPhone is also running 1GB RAM.

We’ll keep on top of this story and update it as more information becomes available. Are you looking forward to another iPhone or is it just to soon for you to see a new model?


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