Next Generation iPad and iPad Mini Arrive In March

by Mike on January 12, 2013

Next Generation iPad and iPad Mini Arrive In March

Apple has typically kept their refresh cycles to once a year or perhaps a little longer, but could it be that moving forward, they will be accelerating their refresh timelines for certain products. In regards to the iPad 5 and the iPad mini, new rumours seem to indicate that this in fact is the case.

In terms of their iOS tablet, Apple changed things up a little. It was just a few months after the launch of the iPad 3 that customers got their first glimpse of the the iPad 4 and at the same time, the iPad mini arrived on the scene. These launches did frustrate many of Apple’s customers who had just paid premium dollars for the iPad 3. According to Brian White from Topeka Capital Market, moving forward, Apple is expected to refresh some of their iDevices twice a year meaning that two new products will arrive on the market each year.

With that in mind, the bet is that Apple will come out with an iPad 2 mini and an iPad 5 this March and these launches if they are correct will be six months after the previous launch. White backs up his claims through his inside sources that are close to Apple. According to White, the fifth generation iPad will have a thinner and lighter form factor then its predecessor while the the form factor of the iPad mini will remain untouched from the earlier model.


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