New Zealand Law Enforcement To Use Apple Devices

by Mike on February 14, 2013

New Zealand Law Enforcement To Use Apple Devices

Apple just scored another win over their competitors as the New Zealand Police force has confirmed that their officers will be migrating to Apple products. When all is said and done, 6,000 officers will receive an iPhone as part of their standard equipment while an additional 3,900 officers receiving an iPad.

This move will also engage Vodafone as the mobile carrier of choice and when all the contracts are signed, the deal is valued at approximately $16 million/year or $159 over the next decade. The selection of Apple as the vendor of choice was not done lightly with the company confirming that an extensive review process was undertaken. In total, the trail period lasted 11 months in length and more then 100 officers across four different districts were engaged. According to Police chief information officer Stephen Crombie, the preferred devices amongst the local force was Apple products and that was one reason behind the decision to move to iOS devices. The second big reason was the fact the apps that have been developed can be easily ported from one device to another, even if the technology changes down the road. This means that less money needs to be spend in redesigning and recreating apps as newer models are launched.


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