New Xbox Teaser Revealed At CES

by Mike on January 14, 2013

New Xbox Teaser Revealed At CES

We’re only a couple of short months away before the new Microsoft Xbox game console becomes available to the public. So far, Microsoft has tried to offer up some teasers here and there to keep the interest level in their next generation console high and today, we have yet another teaser. This new teaser comes on the heels of the one from a couple of weeks back when Larry Hyrb, the Director of Xbox programming, setup a running timer that was counting down to the Electronic Entertainment Expo that will start this June. This timer was of a countdown to the new Xbox.

During the Consumer Electronics Show and specifically during Samsung’s keynote address, Microsoft took the opportunity to showcase IllumiRoom which many analysts believe will be integrated in some form into the new Xbox console. Essentially, this technology offers some up immersive game play. First, the feature will scan the room where you are playing and once it has a feel of the land, it will project pictures onto the surroundings, thereby giving you a more immersive experience. To get a feel of what this technology is like, check out the video below.

From what we are hearing, the final version of IllumiRoom that will come with Xbox will be similar to what was seen on the video and some within Microsoft has described the technology as “jaw-dropping.”


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