New Microsoft Xbox Console Has Improved Voice Controls

by Mike on February 7, 2013

New Microsoft Xbox Console Has Improved Voice Controls

In the world of mobile phones and game consoles, we’ve seen companies expand the role of voice controls. While we’ve seen this transition over the past few years, this became much more apparent with the launch of Apple’s iPhone voice assistant, Siri. Since then, we’ve seen other companies try and rush to develop similar sorts of features for their own respective devices.

For Microsoft, their next big thing in the area of game consoles is Durango, their next generation Xbox. Based upon information received by The Verge, it would appear that Microsoft is looking to include an ever expanding role for voice controls in the new Xbox. The feature will emulate Siri and if correct, will allow the console to make use of naturally spoken language. As the device will be able to understand regular speech, users will no longer need to speak in crypt in order to have the console perform basic functions. Instead, a user might be able to say a simple sentence such as “show me my playlists” and Xbox will respond with the information requested. In addition to this, users will also be able to turn the console on and off using just their voice. Another feature along the lines of voice that Microsoft is said to be looking to include in Durango is speech to text. Using this service, users would be able to verbally dictate a message which would then be transcribed as an Xbox Live message.


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