New iPhone Announcement Expected On September 10th

by Mike on August 11, 2013


The fall seems to be a traditional time of the year when we see new Apple products and it is a good time for the company to release these products so as to capture some back to school sales as well as to take advantage of the upcoming holiday season. This year appears to be no different and by most accounts, we can expect Apple to announce their new iPhone in September.

We now have word that we are actually just shy of one month for the next Apple event because sources close to Apple appear to be saying that September 10th is the date that Apple is looking to announce their new iPhone. What’s not known is just how many iPhone models will appear this September. Will there be just one, or will Apple also make this event the one where they also come out with their budget iPhone.

So far, Apple has not confirmed the timing of this event, but seeing as we are under a month away, we can expect Apple to be making an official announcement for the September 10th event shortly. Assuming that all goes according to plan and September 10th is the official date, customers can expect the public release of the iPhone to take place ten days later on September 20th which is the second Friday post announcement.


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