Mr. Bump – The Off The Wall Alarm Clock

by Mike on April 15, 2009

It’s been a while since we reviewed our last crazy clock, but if you’re looking for a fun gadget, check out the Mr. Bump bedside clock.

Mr Bump Off The Wall Alarm Clock

This unique alarm clock can truly be classified as an off the wall or a “travel alarm clock” as you need to throw the clock against the wall in order to turn the alarm off.

Mr Bump Alarm Clock

The clock is themed after the Roger Hargreaves’ Mr. Men children’s book series. If you have children that have themed rooms, this might go well with the kid’s room decorations. If you don’t have kids but just have the urge to throw something against the wall when you wake up, then of course this gadget is for you. Just be sure that no one is in your line of fire you may be making an unexpected early morning trip to your doctor’s office.

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