More Evidence Suggest New iPad On The Way?

by Mike on April 4, 2013


It’s always good to know when companies are releasing new products as it allows customers to make informed choices. The launch of a new device allows them to either buy the latest and greatest device or alternatively, they can pick up some good deals on old equipment.

The latest tidbit seems to suggest that Apple is gearing up once again to launch a new iPad and perhaps, the launch will be sooner rather then later. According to Philip DeWitt from Fortune, current iPad models have seen price reductions at several retail outlets. Amongst them are Walmart, Best Buy and MacMall and prices have been cut by up to 30%. DeWitt believes that this is a signal that Apple is looking to launch a new product as it means that companies are now clearing out their inventory of old models to make space for the upcoming model.

While there are no dates set in stone, it is believed that Apple could announce their new product as early as this month. The big iPad is said to have a form factor that is similar to the iPad Mini and as such, it will be thinner as well as have a smaller bezel. With the update, we can also expect a boast to the innards to improve performance.


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