Microsoft’s Windows Blue Leaked To File Sharing Sites

by Mike on March 25, 2013

Microsoft's Windows Blue Leaked To File Sharing Sites

It’s very difficult for a company to keep a project under wraps these days. On a regular basis, leaks from sources within the company often give us a glimpse of what the company is working on. At times, these leaks are followed up with pictures.

In the case of Microsoft, the leak actually goes a step further because one of their upcoming projects, Windows Blue appears to have been released onto the Internet. The release appears to have occurred prior to the official public preview and can now be downloaded from a torrent site. The ISO has a file size of 2.63GB and it is believed that it was one of Microsoft’s service partners from France that released the file.

From what we can see, there are a few changes that are coming with Windows Blue. To begin with, the tiles can now be customized with users being able to select between either big or small Live Tiles on the Start screen. Other updates include enhanced integration with SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage locker, better multi-tasking for applications and changes to the Charms. There is also a functional copy of IE within the leaked ISO but it’s not known what are the updates to it at this time.

Windows Blue will be available in a few months as a preview with the official release available near the end of this year.


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