Microsoft’s New Iowa Data Center Will Cost $700 Million

by Mike on June 24, 2013


Cloud computing has been a key part of the business plan for many major corporations including Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google. By having your data in the cloud, you can have a certain degree of security that your data is safe from loss, that it is always available, and that it should be safe so long as there are no breeches either at the local level on your pc or at the data centre itself.

However, for companies to be able to offer up cloud computing, they need to invest heavily in the infrastructure and there needs to be enough storage space to house all of the customer data. Project Mountain was a project that was going into Des Moines, Iowa at a cost of $700 million and we know know that it is Microsoft that is behind this mammoth project. The project was approved by the Iowa Economic Development Authority Board for $20 million in tax breaks which makes business sense seeing as how much the Redmond company is investing in this state.

Along with the economic windfall for the state, Microsoft is also expected to create 29 new jobs in the state. Along with Microsoft, Iowa is now home to data centers for Facebook and Google.


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