Microsoft Xbox TV Will Launch In 2013

by Mike on November 21, 2012

Microsoft Xbox TV Will Launch In 2013

Unlike their Windows Phone handsets, Microsoft has seen a lot of success with their gaming console, the Xbox 360. The Redmond company has had a number of plans to try and extend the reach of this console and it looks like some of its plans will become concrete in 2013.

One of the biggest goals for Microsoft is to establish a bigger footprint within the family home and to do this, the company will turn the Xbox 360 into a media center in the living room. Based upon the reports coming from The Verge, a source close to Microsoft has said that next year, we will see a TV set-top box. This deice will run on a version of the Windows 8 operating system and it will be both a lite and a lower cost option to the upcoming Xbox 720.

Right now, the lite version of this device is being called Xbox TV and one of its roles in the home will be to behave as a media streaming device that will be able to stream multimedia content. As a derivative of the Xbox, this device will also play basic games, but these will not be the full versions of games that are available on the actual game console. Once this device launches, it will need to establish itself against other competitors, the two most common being Apple TV and Roku.


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