Microsoft Will Launch Surface Pro At Best Buy In NY

by Mike on January 31, 2013

Microsoft Will Launch Surface Pro At Best Buy In NY

Microsoft announced a pair of Windows tablets last year. As part of their launch plans, the company would introduce customers to the Surface RT tablet first and then in 2013, release the Surface Pro tablet.

The launch of the Surface RT tablet has taken place and while the sales of this device weren’t quite what Microsoft and analysts would have liked, the company is now moving forward with the release of their next tablet. The Surface Pro will launch in just over a week from now on February 9th. As part of its launch planning, Microsoft will hold a special event at midnight on February 8th. This event will take place in New York city at an undisclosed Best Buy location.

Normally for these kinds of events, it is not unusual to see members of the press invited, but in this case, Microsoft has invited special guests, though it is not clear who these guests will be and how they were selected. It’s also not known which Best Buy location will be location of this special event and this most likely has to do with the fact that the company doesn’t want party crashers at their event. Needless to say though that along with the special guests, there will be a number of representatives from Microsoft on site including the Surface Team GM, Panos Panay.


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