Microsoft Targetted By Hackers

by Mike on February 23, 2013

Microsoft Targetted By Hackers

Last week, there were reports that Facebook had been targeted by hackers and according to a report out of the Associated Press, we can now add Microsoft as the next major company to be attacked. While Microsoft was prompt to confirm that they were on the receiving end of an attack, they were very quick to confirm that no customer information was lost.

Microsoft took a very similar approach to Facebook in terms of this attack and while they acknowledged the attack, they were reluctant to detail the means by which hackers were able to gain access to Microsoft computers. In this respect, company officials would only say that like Facebook, malicious code some how managed to find its way onto Microsoft computers. With Facebook, the latest attack came by way of employee computers which were infected when they went to certain websites. Similar to Microsoft, Facebook was quick to confirm that no customer information was lost and all infected machines were cleaned. Facebook continues to work with local law enforcement as well as their own security teams to gather further details of the attack that took place against them. The current working theory on these hacks believe that they may have originated out of China.


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