Microsoft Surface RT Supported For At Least 4 Years

by Mike on November 25, 2012

Microsoft Surface RT Supported For At Least 4 Years

Many companies have such aggressive timelines for product releases that we’re actually seeing the lifecycle of these devices declining. As we’ve seen, Apple has been busy coming out with a new iPhone every year and when we look at their tablets, we see that they have a lifecycle of about 2.5 years. Android tablets on the other hand seem to have an even shorter lifecycle.

With the industry trend having been set, there really was no reason to believe that Microsoft would do anything different with their own Windows based Surface tablets. That’s why, we were kind of surprised to hear their support model for Surface. We now know that the support model for Surface will be longer then that of Microsoft’s competitors and part of the rationale for this may be because Microsoft has positioned their device as not just a tablet, but rather more as a laptop. As such, this device will be supported for 4.5 years with support ending on April 11, 2017. Up until this date, Surface owners will be entitled to security fixes as well as software updates on their devices. It’s good to see that Microsoft is standing behind their products and according their current policies, we see that the company provides at least “four years of Mainstream Support” for their hardware devices. As such, seeing them offer a lengthy support period for Surface simply shows that they are in line with their current hardware support model.


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