Microsoft Store Reveals Pricing For Surface Tablets

by Mike on October 16, 2012

Microsoft Store Reveals Pricing For Surface Tablets

There are many people waiting for the official launch of Microsoft Surface, their new tablet line-up that the company hopes will have enough features and options to compete with the likes of the iPad and other Android tablets. Though the device won’t go on sale officially for another 10 days, the Microsoft Store did have a listing this morning that indicated that the device could now be pre-ordered.

Within the United States, customers could pick up a Windows RT tablet for $499. Within the RT range, there were three models that were price. The first one came with no cover and had 32GB and this model was essentially the same price as a new iPad with 16GB. From here, the price steadily went up. Those that wanted the 32GB model with a black Touch Cover were looking at a price of $599 while the 64GB model was $699. This one also came with a black Touch Cover.

Customers that wanted to buy the Touch Cover individually, could do so for $119.99 with these add-ons available in either pink, red, blue, white or black. Additionally, those that want to spend an additional $10, can pick up a Surface Touch Cover which has a more familiar keyboard surface. This one is only available in black with no other colour choices available.

Interestingly enough, shortly after Microsoft updated their website with this information, it was removed. We’ll have to see just when the information is made available again.


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