Microsoft Opens Two New Stores, Three More Coming

by Mike on April 6, 2013

Microsoft Opens Two New Stores, Three More Coming

With the success that Apple has had with their Apple Stores, it was expected that Microsoft would follow suite with the expansion of their own branded stores. On Friday, the Redmond company pushed ahead with this mission by opening a pair of speciality stores and along with these two store openings, Microsoft also has plans for another three stores to be opened in April.

This means that when all is done and over with, there will be 5 new Microsoft stores by the end of April. The two stores that did open are located in Elmhurt, New York and Tampa, Florida. The Elmhurt store can be found in Queens Center while the Tampa store is located at the International Plaza. In terms of the other three stores that are scheduled to be opened this month, they are going to be in Providence, Rhode Island, Murray, Utah and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

While these speciality stores don’t carry the full range of offerings that are found in a full store, nonetheless, they do carry most of the more popular devices that customers are looking for. As such, you can find the Xbox 360 console, Windows Phone 8 handsets and Surface tablets amongst other things within these stores.


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