Microsoft: Office 2013 Licenses Locked To One PC Only

by Mike on February 16, 2013

Microsoft: Office 2013 Licenses Locked To One PC Only

This morning, we’re learning just how Microsoft will deal with the issue of desktop licenses for Office 2013. We already know that Office 2013 will be like earlier versions of Office in that customers that have purchased a copy of Office will be able to install it on just one computer.

However, this is where the similarity ends. With Office 2010, it was possible to take your copy of Office and move it from one computer to another. With Office 2013, such an option does not exist as the license will be bound to a single computer and cannot be moved without buying a new license. If your computer does crash, Microsoft did confirm that users will be able to reinstall Office 2013 on this PC, but customers that tend to upgrade computers every so often will be expected to buy a license each time that they swap computers.

The move does seem a bit draconian with Microsoft playing hard ball with their licenses, but the reason behind such stringent rules is that the Redmond company is trying to find a way to get more people to move towards Office 365. With a purchase of Office 365, users will be able to install it on as many as 5 different computers for a fee of $12/month. Office 365 also has a few additional titles over and above Office 2013 including SkyDrive, Access and Outlook.


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