Microsoft Hikes Price Of Office Mac

by Mike on February 18, 2013

Microsoft Hikes Price Of Office Mac

It’s understandable that when a company reduces prices on one of their products, they want to get as much publicity as possible and often, price drops are followed by press releases as well as announcements. Today, Microsoft did the opposite as they raised the prices of their Office for Mac suite and of course, this price hike was kept low key.

If you blinked, you may have not noticed that Microsoft not only raised the price of Office for Mac, but they also eliminated the multi-license package that was formerly available. As of today, the price of Office for Mac 2011 is now the same price as Office 2013 for the Windows operating system. This change in pricing comes at a time when Microsoft is trying to get more people to move away from desktop software and towards their Office 365 suite which is entirely cloud based. Unlike the desktop versions, Office 365 comes with a recurring monthly service fee.

In terms of the desktop software, it was the Office for Mac Home and Business edition which saw the smallest rise in cost. Formerly, you could pick up this suite for $200, but today it is selling for $220. For those that don’t need the business edition, there is also Office for Mac Home. This title is up 17% in cost and is now available for $140.


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