Microsoft Extends Internet Explorer Market Share

by Mike on April 2, 2012

Microsoft IE Browser Market Share

When it comes to web browsers, customers have a variety of choices available to them. In fact, the number of choices that are available has been one of the factors behind Microsoft’s IE market share decline over the years.

About ten years ago, the Redmond company held a crippling hold on browsers with nearly a 90% share. Today, that share of the market has dwindled to 50% which is still half of the market. The exact numbers that are reported vary depending upon the company that is performing the survey, but generally speaking, the numbers are all in the same ball park. One thing that is interesting to note however is that since the beginning of this year, the downward tide for IE has stopped and in fact IE browser share is in an upswing. Last month, the market share around the world for IE came in at 53.83% which is nearly a full point more then February.

Based upon these numbers, the researchers involved with this study have concluded that not only has Internet Explorer stabilized in terms of total users, but in fact, the browser is now seeing some net growth. The growth of Internet Explorer will understandably result in the decline of other browsers and the two that suffered some decline last month included Chrome at 18.57% and Firefox at 20.55%.

So the question remains, what has resulted in the growth of IE and this can be summed up to heavy promotion of the browser both through more formal TV ads as well as a lighthearted methods such as an Internet campaign which included a Microsoft website that aimed to make fun of some of the common stereotypes leveled against IE.


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