Meet Talking Robo, The New Language Instructor

by Angela on January 11, 2010

Talking Robot Learn New Language

Learning a new language takes time, patience and money if you choose to invest in books, language software or enroll in night school. If you’ve chosen the latter option, there’s also the question of building a rapport with your new language teacher.

Talking Robo is another option to learning a new language. This little talking robot comes with a couple of bells and whistles including speech recognition and facial recognition which it uses to develop a user profile of the student that can subsequently be used to suggest topics of conversation to build language skills.

The robot is also clever enough to recognize images so that if you flash a picture of something in front of it, it will recite the word in the new language that you are learning. To round out its features, Talking Robo also comes with an integrated encyclopedia, dictionary as well as network connectivity which when used with the built-in camera, can be used to make Talking Robo your personal security camera to keep an eye on your home or family.

Talking Robo will be out in a variety of different shapes and sizes, but there is no word on pricing or an official release date.

Via: Chip Chick, Slippery Brick

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