Marubot Football League – Robots With Faces!

by Zack on September 25, 2009

Cool Arcade Game

Korea is home to probably one of the most advanced arcade games the world has seen yet. The Marubot Football League is a new game that pits little plastic robots against each other in a football (the international game, not the one with helmets). What’s really fun about the game is that depending on how the game goes, the robots display different faces.

The Marubot Football League arcade game comes in two versions – one with two players for one-on-one action, and another with four players for two-on-two. When a side scores a goal, the robots display a happy face – when it loses a goal, they display a sad face. When a tie goal is scored, you get an angry little robot.

Unfortunately, the Marubot Football League arcade game is only available in Korea. But if it gains mainstream popularity (like most other games from Korea), we just might see a few units land on U.S. Shores soon.


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