Leak: iPad 5 Picture Reveals Thinner Form Factor

by Mike on January 29, 2013

Leak: iPad 5 Picture Reveals Thinner Form Factor

With all of the outsourced companies with whom Apple works with, it can be tough for the company to keep things quiet. As much as Apple tries to maintain their privacy, leaks are bound to happen and it appears that it has occurred once again with their upcoming iPad.

The next iteration of their iOS tablet will be the iPad 5 and new pictures have surfaced which if correct, depict the new iPad with a thinner form factor that resembles that of the iPad mini. With it’s black rear surface and rounded corners, it almost looks as if the form factors of these devices are converging. This fact is made just that much clearer when you see the two shell backs side by side. It will be interesting to see just how the new iOS tablet will stack up against the iPad 4. As a rough guideline, the iPad 5 will be shorter then its predecessor and it also appears that it will be thinner. Some of this thinness could be attributed in Apple’s ability to reduce the size of the bezel. As to be expected, there will also be a spot for the 4G LTE antenna. We’ll have to wait and see when more details become available, but if the iPad 5 does indeed resemble the iPad mini, there is the potential that the iPad 5 could be up to 20% thinner then the iPad 4.


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