Ken Segall: Apple Has Messed Up Its Naming Convention

by Mike on April 7, 2013


Ken Segall may not be a household name when we talk about Apple, but for six years Segall had worked for Apple. He first started his career as a creative director for an ad agency that worked closely with Apple and from there he continued to work with Apple as a consultant, leaving in 2008.

It was in this role, that he offered up a suggestion on how Apple should brand their products and this was followed by Segall writing the book “Insanely Simple” which documented the success of Apple. Segall has a lot of experience with Apple and so, when he goes to his blog to take a shot at Apple, people listen. Segall believes that Apple’s new naming conventions don’t make sense and that they are in fact affecting the company’s brand. Apple came out with the iPad and this was followed by the iPad 2. Logic would dictate that the next one should be the iPad 3, but instead, Apple went with New iPad.

The same holds true with their iPhone. The iPhone 4 was followed by the iPhone 4S rather then the iPhone 5 and all this while the company went on the record to say that this handset was the result of “completely rethinking” the functionality. Now, some have said that the “S” model is Apple’s way to say that this handset is just an incremental upgrade, but according to Segall, using the “S” model simply shows customers that this is an “off-year” device.


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