iShovel – Automated Snow Removal Robot

by Mike on January 26, 2009

Remember Roomba, the robotic vacuum cleaner sold through iRobot? Everyone loved that design because it simplified the chore of vacuuming? Someone has taken that basic concept and designed iShovel, the automated snow removal robot.

iShovel - Automated Snow Removal Robot

iShovel sits in sleep mode on your paved driveway. Onboard sensors detect outdoor weather conditions and when more then 1″ of snow falls to the ground, iShovel wakes up and goes to work cleaning your driveway.

The iShovel battery will provide sufficient charge to clean an average 4000 square foot driveway 4 times. There is no word on pricing, but developers are expecting to complete work on this cool robotic gadget by the end of the year.


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