iPhone QWERTY VS Swype

by Angela on November 24, 2009

Swype vs QWERTY

The most popular keyboard style on smartphones these days is the QWERTY virtual keyboard. The keyboards do meet the needs of the mobile user and there are some that have become rather proficient typists.

QWERTY Virtual keyboard vs SWPYE

However, the QWERTY keyboards do have their limitations. It’s because of this that a new style of text input called Swpye has been developed. With Swype, you literally move a single finger across the keyboard from one letter to the next to create words and sentences. There is a leaked video demonstrating the new typing method and although it is just an illustration created to promote Swpye, it does give you a feel of how it works.

Swype typing is not a conceptual idea, this feature will be integrated into the new Samsung Omnia II, a Windows Mobile phone that will go on sale next month. There is also some discussion underway that the new Android phones will also include this in Q1 2010.

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