iPhone 5 Repair Fees Remain High, Why?

by Mike on May 23, 2013


You’ve paid a pretty penny for your iPhone 5 and while you may go to great lengths to take care of it, there are times when these things just fail, or perhaps it was accidentally dropped. If you have an insurance plan such as AppleCare, repair costs can be reduced, but if you don’t, you know you are looking at a hefty bill.

It’s for this reason that many customers will visit a third party service vendor whose repair costs are often less then that of Apple. However, this is not the case with the iPhone 5 and the reason for this is that the iPhone 5 components are under tight control by Apple. This means that it is very hard for these third parties to gain access to the components that they need to repair one of these devices. In fact, because of the lack of availability, some companies simply will not offer iPhone 5 repair services.

Repair costs are astronomical for the iPhone 5. To give you just one example, a broken display on one of these devices will set you back $229 which is essentially the amount you will pay for a new iPhone 5 with a two year service plan. It’s also just a bit more then a third of the cost of a new iPhone 5 without a contract.

Unless component prices come down and are more readily available, customers will have few choices other then Apple and of course ensuring that insurance polices are in place.


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