iPhone 4: Glassgate Replaces Antennagate

by Mike on October 7, 2010

Does Apple have another issue on their hands when it comes to the iPhone 4? According to Ryan Block, there is reason for concern as some third party iPhone 4 cases are causing the glass surface to crack on the iPhone 4.

Here’s how. When the iPhone 4 is inserted into the “protective case“, small pieces of debris can lodge themselves between the case and the smartphone. These pieces of debris move back and forth causing small cracks in the glass which over time can result in large cracks. That’s not all. According to Block, even if you have a clean case, free of debris, there is still the potential for shattered glass because the phone can become scratched as it is inserted and removed from the case.

As always, Apple is quiet on the subject without a public comment at this time, but engineers are concerned since they don’t want another antennagate on their hands.

Via: BI