iPad Likeness China Trademark In The Works

by Mike on January 19, 2013

iPad Likeness China Trademark In The Works

China can be a tough market for companies to deal with and one of the big challenges is trying to protect your intellectual property. We continue to see a regular stream of knock off items coming out of the communist country and without strong trademarks in place, it can be tough to go after the violators.

In this regards, Apple is moving to secure their trademark for the iPad. Last year, Apple managed to secure the iPad name and this year, Apple wants to obtain a trademark for its form factor. The recent application for the trademark was discovered by Patently Apple and it shows the iPad listed in both coloured and black and white pictures. In the application, we see the iPad from the front with a screen full of icons. The application does not contain any pictures of either the back or the side of the iOS device.

The 2013 likeness filing comes after Apple wrapped up its legal conflict with Proview, a Chinese company that formerly held the rights to the iPad name. Initially, Apple had used one of their UK subsidiaries, namely IP Application Development to obtain the iPad trademark from Proview. This took place in 2009, a year prior to the official launch of the iPad. It was later that Proview took Apple to court stating that the Cupertino company had committed fraud in obtaining the trademark. Eventually, the two parties settled out of court for $60 million.


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