Ipad Is A WiFi Bandwidth Hog

by Mike on June 23, 2011

The numbers are in and according to a recent report, Apple’s tablet device, the iPad and iPad 2 consume more bandwidth then any other mobile device available. As it stands now, the iPad shows its dominance in the tablet niche by accounting for almost 53x the browser share of any other tablet and now, the iPad is also dominating in another area, bandwidth usage.

In fact, the iPad uses 400% more WiFi data each month then any other device, be it an Android tablet, a Windows tablet or even another Apple product such as the iPod or the iPhone. The report was put out by Meraki, a company that is known for their cloud services. As part of their survey, Meraki analyzed the bandwidth usage of 100,000 mobile devices that were connected to public or educational WiFi networks throughout the United States. In their study which lasted about a year, they looked at the amount of bandwidth that a device used and the operating system upon which the device ran. When the results were in, it was pretty clear that the iPad was the most dominant of mobile devices when it came to WiFi data usage.

The study also went on to show just how much the mobile industry has grown in the past year. Last year, Androd and iOS made up 33% of all devices that had WiFi connectivity. Today, that number stands at 58%.

If you’re ever in an busy area where there is a public network and you feel that your network speed is just a bit slow, take a look around you to see just how many Android and iOS devices there are.

Via: Mashable

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