iPad App Store Now Has Search Filter

by Mike on February 4, 2011

Apple has now added search filters to the iPad App Store app. There are in total, five different filters that can be applied to any app query and these filters include Customer Rating, Category, Release Date, Price and finally Device.

There are also new popovers that will offer a user the ability to change or remove unwanted filters. So far, the search filters are limited to just the iPad as they haven’t found their way over to the iPhone/iPod touch App Store apps. However, their arrival to the other app may just be a matter of time when you consider the limited amount of real estate that is available on these portable devices. Also worth mentioning is that the changes are also not found on the desktop edition of the App Store so if you’re looking for apps and wanting to do this in an efficient way, the iPad may be your best bet for now.

The new feature is available today and requires no changes or updates on your part as they are all done seamlessly on the backend to the App store itself.


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