iPad 3 Has No 4G LTE FaceTime Support

by Mike on March 15, 2012

Apple iPad 3 No Facetime Over 4G LTE

With Apple’s announcement of the iPad 3, Cupertino took the approach of highlighting the big features of the device such as the much higher pixel resolution display panel that the device will come standard with. However, some of the nitty gritty deals were omitted for a couple of reasons including the fact that they may not highlight the positives of the new tablet.

FaceTime has become a popular feature of Apple products and customers look for wide support of this app. We’re starting to see iPad 3 reviews showing up online and a recent review by The Verge highlights the point that the third generation iPad does not support FaceTime over a 4G LTE network connection. This appears to be blanket policy and takes no account whether you have an AT&T or Verizon data package that provides sufficient bandwidth or not. Users that look to try a 4G LTE FaceTime connection will be blocked and presented with a message indicating that this connection needs to be established over an 802.11 wireless connection.

What makes this even more interesting is the fact that even if you are in a region of your city where you have both WiFi and 4G, with 4G being faster, you will still be redirected to WiFi in order to establish your FaceTime connection. It looks like Apple is concerned about customers that may not be tech savvy going over their bandwidth allotment. What are your thoughts, would you prefer to manage this yourself or do you prefer the blanket approach that Apple has taken?


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  • Christian (juve fan)

    BUT WHY!!!???