Intel Says 75 Ultrabook Designs Being Worked On

by Mike on April 11, 2012

Intel Ultrabook Designs

The last few years have been the a boom for tablet computers, but the growth of this market has seen a decline in other areas. One such area that has been heavily impacted are the ultrabooks. Oirignally, these devices were being touted as low cost computers that came with a thin form factor.

However, when these machines arrived on the scene, nothing could be further from the truth and many consumers were faced with sticker shock. When these consumers began looking at ultrabooks and compared them with tablets, notebooks and other devices, the decision was simple for them and ultrabooks were not the answer. When you think about it, who could blame them, as a basic ultrabook came in at $800 and for this type of many, there are other products on the market that are worth considering.

Although Ultrabooks have been on the decline, they are not be completely out and we now have word that Intel is busy working on 75 new Ultrabook designs and aside from the hardware components, one of the biggest areas where the attention will be focussed in on the price. With the new batch of Ultrabooks to launch, Intel would like to drop the price by at least $100, making an entry level Ultrabook retail for $699. There are no firm time lines as to just when these devices will come on the market, but we can say that some of them will come with Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. This obviously means that some of these new devices will launch much later in the year.

There is some skepticism in the market right now as to just how these Ultrabooks will fare with one JP analyst believing that these devices are not “meaningful enough” to have any short term effect on the notebook market. This same analyst believes that the earliest that we could see any impact from the Ultrabooks would be 2013.


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