IN MEDIA Windows 7 Tablet Computer Ships 2011, Costs $399

by Mike on December 22, 2010

There may still be some debate as to what role Microsoft’s Windows 7 will play in the area of tablet computers, but this hasn’t stopped some tablet makers from announcing consumer focussed tablets that run on the Win 7 operating system.

Today is one such example when IN MEDIA said that they have their own device coming in early 2011. The name of their new product is simply the “Windows 7 Tablet PC”. It’s not the most creative name that we’ve heard. The device will have a 1.66GHz Intel Atom CPU with an 11.25-inch by 6-inch LCD display screen. There is also a front facing camera, an HDMI interface, integrated ebook reader functionality and a 160GB HD.

IN MEDIA’s CEO, Nick Karnik made it a point to highlight in a press statement that his product has the ability to play Adobe Flash videos, a feature that we know is not easily available on some devices. The windows tablet will release within the first quarter of 2011 with Asia and the US being some of the first markets to have access to the device which will have a retail price of $399. Unfortunately, at this time, IN MEDIA has not offered up any pictures or videos of their tablet computer that we can show you, which is to bad seeing as they did put out a press statement.

Via: CrunchGear, Gadget Venue

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