iFixit Gives Surface Pro Poor Grade For Repairability

by Mike on February 13, 2013

iFixit Gives Surface Pro Poor Grade For Repairability

iFixit is well known in the community for their teardown of devices. Through these processes, the website has managed to give us some insight on their estimates of the bill of materials as well as provided us with their opinion on just how easy it would be to repair a certain product.

When they give their score on repairability, the score ranges from 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest score available. Today, the website came out with their review of the Microsoft Surface Pro and the Redmond company isn’t going to like to hear the fact that iFixit gave their Windows tablet a 1 for repairability. In doing so, the Surface Pro is harder to fix then not only Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet, but it is also harder to fix then competitor tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Amazon Kindle Fire. According to the site, it took them over 60 minutes to remove just the screen and because of all of the adhesive that was used, they had to make use of both a heat gun and guitar picks. When the screen was finally removed, they noted that there were 90 screws inside and that there was a mess of cables.

While the teardown was a challenge for iFixit, there were some positives and these included the cooling system which made use of dual fans. Another positive was the battery and the solid state drive, both of which were easily removable.


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